What is a Chief Growth Officer (CGO)? Description & overview

In today’s fast-paced market dynamics, the CEO of a start-up or scale-up, or even an established enterprise is busy running the business at the cost of building the business. This is why in the last 5 years we see a new function emerge in the C-Suite. Companies that have added the CGO role to the […]

The B2B SaaS Growth Acceleration House™: one place with everything you need

Finding out what tools work best in what situation. Or what information you need to accelerate growth can be a hell of a job. This is why we developed this awesome Growth Acceleration House™ for your B2B SaaS business. One place where you can find everything, really everything, to accelerate growth. To run successful Growth […]

The difference between a growth accelerator and a marketing (growth) agency

A growth accelerator is something completely different than a marketing (growth) agency. Both have their value in different moments of the business. Sometimes working together, sometimes not. But what actually is the difference? The simple explanation Let’s start with the simple part. The marketing (growth) agency is mainly focussed on acquisition and a little on […]