A new tool in our Demand Generation development for B2B SaaS companies: Leadinfo

We are very proud that MindMasters.io is now a Certified LeadInfo Partner. In our arsenal Leadinfo.com is a great innovative tool to develop Customer Creation Systems for B2B SaaS companies, sparking demand generation.

The problem in B2B SaaS Demand Generation

Let’s be honest. Many are not ready to buy when you sell as a B2B SaaS company to bigger / enterprise clients.

They’re not aware of their problems, or they are just discovering the solutions out there. You cannot create gated content for every visitor to your website. So, you know there will be visitors, probably a lot, that could be potential clients. But without having their contact information through gated content, you won’t be able to identify them and act on it. You will lose many real opportunities.

The innovative solution

This is why Leadinfo.com is a great tool. They help you to:

  • Identity visitors of your website
  • Identity, the companies they, work with
  • Get detailed company information: profits, industry, amount of FTE etc.
  • Identity who are working in that company, including relevant LinkedIn profiles
  • What pages and how long do they watch
  • What sources does the visitor originate from
  • Screen recordings of the visits
  • Etc.

Knowing who your website visitors enable you to do several things, I explain below.


Understand in an early stage of demand generation what type of companies are trying to find you. You can adjust your (content creation) strategy to this, maximising the changes creating the right content for the right people.

Get the conversation started
In many B2B SaaS companies, we have a resource-based content strategy. We make content to enlarge the awareness of buyers. Content that helps them understand the solution. Content that helps them understand the product that can provide the answer, etc. The same content is excellent in getting a conversation started. This content could be a guide, whitepaper, customer case, etc.

Mostly we make interactive pieces of content that are working great on multi-devices: desktop, tablet and mobile. See an example below:

We provide the sales of our customers with sales kits based on these pieces of content. For example, a sales kit with mail templates (also for InMails with Sales Navigator) and conversation starters around the subject(s) of the resource.

In combination with the sales kits, these pieces of content are terrific in getting the conversation started with the visitors that LeadInfo identifies. So, it’s necessary in our view to help sales with these conversation starters, to give them the confidence to get out there with these contacts.


You can create ready-to-use LinkedIn retargeting lists for those companies that you don’t want to get the conversation started with yet. It helps you get the most out of the visitors to your website.

These are just the basics. Along with the option to connect with all kinds of other SaaS software like CRM or marketing automation packages like ActiveCapaign, it makes Leadinfo a powerful tool in generating demand for your B2B SaaS company!

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