The B2B SaaS Growth Acceleration House™: one place with everything you need

Finding out what tools work best in what situation. Or what information you need to accelerate growth can be a hell of a job. This is why we developed this awesome Growth Acceleration House™ for your B2B SaaS business. One place where you can find everything, really everything, to accelerate growth. To run successful Growth Sprints. 

A room for every part of the Growth Acceleration process

Growing your SaaS business knows several crucial parts. For each part, we developed a room in Miro you can use. Ready packed with tools, databases, knowledge, trigger questions etc. To accelerate the process and vastly improve the outcome of it. 

The rooms: 

  • Goals Room: everything to set goals to get the proper focus from OKR’s to setting the North Star. 
  • Research Room: everything to understand where you are or could go. 
  • Opportunities room: everything to create the best ideas, to help you brainstorm to know what you need to do to accelerate growth. 
  • Will room: Everything to select the best experiments and create a roadmap.
  • Test room: everything to run great experiments during a sprint
  • Home:  a room to reflect and learn
  • Extra: the plugins room. Extra Miro boards with extensive processes ready to use. Like innovating your business model or deciding on the brand essence.

Every time we learn something from our practices, we improve the house. This is how all our customers take advantage of each other learnings.

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