Why we help you accelerate growth in an exploration phase better than anybody else, the essence.

When you start a SaaS business, you probably begin developing a great. An maybe you have or are getting some excellent traction. But what differentiates a good product from a great business that could be exploited durably is a great business model. A product can be copied, but the real enabler of stable growth is a business model around the solution-market-fit. 

Getting your business to a phase where it can be exploited starts with going through an exploration phase. The exploration phase transfers to an exploitation phase when all business model elements and how they work together are clear. They are designed and testes; they are proven. 

So this is why growth in an exploration phase is all about business model design and testing. This is where we excel as a SaaS growth accelerator. We also combine business model design with behaviour design and a deep understanding of things to do this effectively. 

What does this mean, and why is this important?

You know now that the main driver of growth is a holistic approach to developing all business models. That is the main driver of growth in the exploration phase. It is building with growth sprints on different parts of the business model. But what about the other two?

Behaviour design. 

The business model must be designed with solutions to stimulate growth behaviour. A customer that buys more, faster, more often and pays more. Competitors that are demotivated to compete. Stakeholders that are motivated to contribute more, etc. In essence, all behaviour changes. So we look what ‘growth behaviour is needed and see this as the starting point for accelerating growth for your SaaS business. We do this with an understanding of science on how our brain works: neuroscience, psychology and behavioural economics.

Deep understanding

While building, we try to understand the designed solutions with A.I., data science, big data, machine learning, and qualitative research. All these new technologies help us better understand how things work and get a better insight into how to proceed. 


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